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About Us

We bring you street food straight from Egypt and the Middle East onto your plate – fast, tasty and daily fresh.

We want you to feel good. This is why all our food is homemade using high-quality ingredients, selfmade spice blends and fresh herbs. All our meat products are halal.

We offer you quick lunch / dinner – ordering at the counter and short wait. All meals are also available for takeaway. 

We are creative and like adding our own touch. Besides classic dishes from Egypt, North Africa and the Middle East, we therefore also offer our very own interpretations of these classics.

Having grown up in Egypt, we wanted to bring a little piece of Cairo with us to Berlin. Our yummy street food, the colorful restaurant interior and our carefully curated music selection – focusing on modern sounds and niche music from Egypt and the region – aim to showcase the modern and progressive side of this bustling city and take you on a trip through its streets and souks. Watch our story and check out the sound of KLX!


​​Ahlan wa Sahlan
Amira & Michael

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